Subject: Re: By Rail through Italy
Hi David & Elizabeth:

I'm not sure if you have your answer on using the ferry from Greece to Italy. We have used the Eurail pass for the ferry going both ways. We had a two month pass and went from Brindisi to Corfu and back, using the BlueStar line. Patras is the port for Athens and it takes several hours to get there by train from Athens. If you end up in Southern Italy, it will probably take another day to get to Venice.

You can check out Greek Ferries at the following location:

Only the BlueStar and SuperFast lines accept the Eurail pass.

If you do go directly to Venice, verify that the Ferry Line does in fact accept the Eurail pass. Be on the alert for ferry strikes. We got hit by one and had to spend the entire day in Brindisi waiting for another line to take us. Fortunately, because of the strike, the other line did accept the Eurail pass.

Wil & Elizabeth Orlando, Fl.