Subject: Vaux-le-Vicomte
Mara and Ziners,

Regarding what Mara said previously, I found that it was not hard to get to Vaux-le-Vicomte. I was there on October on a Saturday in the evening when the castle and gardens are lit by candlelight from 8 pm to midnight. We took a train from the Gare de Lyon to the Melun station and from there a taxi. The train trip is about one hour. There is a taxi stand right in front of the train station in Melun. You can call a taxi from the stand by pushing a button. It takes another 10 minutes by car at a price of 15-18 Euros. We asked the lady at the souvenir shop at the castle to call a taxi for us when we were ready to leave around 11:10 pm. We then caught a train back to the Gare de Lyon. The train ticket was 16 Euros. So, it was less expensive than taking an organised tour and we had all the time we wanted. Hint: If you do this, buy a return ticket at the train station or RER wicket and if you are going on Saturday evening or week-end buy your train tickets beforehand when the wickets are open, because you need a lot of coins to get your ticket from a vending machine, and not all credit cards work on them. We found that out, when at the Chatelet station the wickets were closed and we had to go to the Gare de Lyon to get our tickets. Also, check the time departures of the trains and when the last train leaves Melun. All the best, Helio at Vancouver