Subject: Introduction - New Member Needing Advice for Europe Trip

I'm traveling to Europe Nov 24 for 17 days with a friend whose daughter is going to school in Spain.  I just decided to go about a week ago and now I'm getting stressed about the details.  I've always taken at least 2 suitcases when traveling to Aruba, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, New Jersey and CA.  Now I just have a backpack. (no wheels)  I would like to get ideas on what take, etc. and if I should invest in a wheeled back pack.  I'm a that will tell you my approximate age.  I'm in fairly good shape but don't know how I will handle a 20+ lb pack, never haveing tried it before.   Also, I can't seem to find any good hiking boots and was wondering if tennis shoes would work. 

Am looking forward to reading the posts.

Kathy Spanaway, Washington