Subject: New Member advice for Europe trip
Hi Kathy,

Where in Spain are you going? Salamanca?... I am asking to give you a fair reply regarding the tennis shoes. My first answer would be that is better to leave the tennis shoes at home and take a pair of good walking shoes like Ecco, Mefistos etc. However if you are going to Salamanca , a city with tons of students all over it might be a little more acceptable. I am sure you must have heard that Europeans use tennis shoes mainly for sports. People in Spanish cities specially in Winter dress a little more conservatively. Unless you are very young, wearing tennis shoes is like wearing a sign saying US tourist. This is my perception others might disagree. Regarding your other question I always take a small rolling suitcase which I found I cannot give you any advise on back packs. If you are heading to Salamanca I really envy you, it is a fantastic place to visit. Buena suerte. Graziella, also a proud grandmother in Miami Beach.