Subject: Re: Luggage
Hi Kathy,

My best luggage advice is go light! Wheeled or backpack but make sure everything does double-duty. Clothing you can layer is great. I think Linda has her list of essentials online in Travelzine and there are other lists. Look in Google DIRECTORY for some good links.

Count on handwashing some or at least line drying. Laundromats are expensive in Europe. Accommodation sometimes provides a washer but no dryer. Anyways, I don't bring enough clothes to last a week, just a few days. I test my newer clothes before I pack them to see how they look after they have been washed in the sink and hung to dry. If they are unwearable, I don't bring them.

Length of trip isn't really relevant but climate changes are.

Check out the weather in your destination in Washington Post's Historical Weather Database:

Have a great time!

Frances Toronto, Canada