Subject: Re: Luggage and Packing

Unless you will actually be doing some trail hiking, boots shouldn't be necessary - they can be heavy and a bit cumbersome. A good pair of walking shoes w/ some tread should do the trick and be more comfortable, as Graziella suggested.

As for luggage, you might want to give yourself the option of wheels if you're not used to hoisting a backpack on and off (tho it doesn't take long to adjust). It is nice to have the hands-free option of a pack, tho, so perhaps a wheeled backpack would be just the thing.

Pack as lightly as possible. My new rule of thumb (since using a backpack in Italy last year) is that I need to be able to lift the pack over my head without assistance. This is especially important if you are travelling by train as the luggage storage is overhead; obviously not as much of an issue if you're traveling by car.

Where are you going in Europe besides Spain?

Cindy in Harrisonburg, VA