Subject: Hotels in central Italy w/o reservations?
Hi, everyone! It's my first post... This seems like a wonderful group. My husband and I are going to Italy for the first time next May-- we're starting in Rome and will stay there about a week, and from there we will wander around by train for another two weeks. Siena, Lucca, Modena, Bologna, and Florence are all on our list, but we're going to play it by ear. We're going to reserve an apartment for our time in Rome, and I hear we really should reserve rooms in Florence, but for the other towns we would prefer not to have our schedule set in advance. Are we foolish, though, to assume we can walk into decent hotels (two-star, say) without reservations? Can anyone recommend reasonably priced hotels (reachable by bus, train or foot) that are likely to have vacancies for impulse travelers?

Thanks very much, Sheila in Rainy Portland