Subject: Re: Italy without reservations
Hi Sheila,

We go often to Italy in May. We have the advantage of driving so it is easy to change plans. Usually we do not have reservations but we take with us a list of hotels where we would like to stay. We call one or two days ahead and reserve. Most of the time it is easy to find a room, sometimes all hotels are full due to a conference or a holiday, in such a case we go to another town and come back later. This doesn't apply during Eastern or during a National holiday. All hotels in most towns are full during those dates.

When calling a hotel I do not know too much about it, I try not to give my credit card # as to give me a chance not to stay if I do not feel like it. Europeans are less demanding regarding credit cards often extending the reservation to a certain time. I make a point however to arrive in time or to call back if I change my mind so they can rent the room. I hope this helps.

Graziella in Miami Beach