Subject: Re: Advice for Europe Trip
Hi Kathy and everyone I am in that age bracket as well and a runner and in pretty good shape but I would not carry a backpack. I have a rolling backpack- type suitcase from Eagle Creek - it is about 18 inches high and within the limits for most airline carryons. I have found that the wheels on this bag are very steady even on uneven streets whereas a much less expensive wheeled suitcase I have is constantly trying to twist around. The motto being you get what you pay for. I got mine online at a very good price. I mistakenly took a nylon carryon suitcase (Le Sportsac) on my recent Paris trip. It didn't weigh all that much but by the time I walked to the RER station from the gate and then made changes from one line to another and then on to the Metro I was really wishing I had taken one of the wheeled bags. Good luck and have a fun trip. Mara in NYC