Subject: Re: Hotels in Granada
Hi Bard,

While in Granada a couple of years ago, we stayed at the Suecia, Huerta de los Angeles 8, (off C. Molinos), phone: 958/227781 (I think it was a pension then, but may be going as a hotel now). This place was relatively inexpensive, quiet, and delightful--but it is not in the downtown central part of the city, if that is of consequence to you. It's below the Alhambra, about a 10 minute or so walk to town (though you can take a cab, and as I recall, they were pretty cheap)(you can also drive, but the parking at the Suecia was for us semi-permanent, and we didn't want to drive in the city anyway). I would definitely stay at the Suecia again because of its charm and quiet.

Hope you have a great stay wherever you wind up,