Subject: Re: 2-way radios
Hello Telecommunicators:

We have used the Motorola two way radios both in South America and in continental Europe, but you have to check with someone local for they can be illegal in several countries. We figured that if we were caught we would just play dumb, but we noticed that Rudy Maxa indicated that his were illegal in Italy. Check with the embassy of the countries you plan to visit. Having said that, I noticed that there was quite a bit of chatter on them in France and Belgium and nearly none in Germany and Italy. After having traveled with them, my advice is leave them at home (this is from someone who loves toys). You don't need them. Getting lost is sometimes the best part of a trip.

Another tip: if you are going to use them, then use them sparingly and use accepted radio transmission protocols, i.e., Roger, out. In South America we almost threw them away when one of our traveling companions thought that they should used continually as would a Valley Girl. My apologies to Valley Girls, but sometimes too much information can be too much.

Tom in Carlisle.