Subject: Re: 2-way radios
Dear Jeanie,

I like the idea of the two way radios! Awhile ago, there was a thread here on the Zine concerning the subject Lost on Vacation. I thought my own story of losing my husband in the Doge's Palace in Venice was pretty awful, but there was a story from another Zine couple who were lost from one another outside Siena, I believe, that was also awful. Of course everyone got back together, but the two way radios could really give you a sense of security while traveling with youngsters.

My teenager was easier to keep track of than my husband. ;-) He and I sometimes look at very different things and I was staring out a window at the rooftops of Venice while he was staring at a display of weapons and armor. Somehow, we didn't see one another as we both decided it was time to stop staring!

Ciao, Debbie in Pittsburgh