Subject: Granada

When my husband and I were in Granada 2 years ago, we stayed at Casa del Aljarie ( the Albacin. Although the main pension was booked, the owner (who by the way speaks perfect English...I think he might be British)had a second unit, and it was inexpensive so we took a chance. Well, it turned out to be our own 1-bedroom apartment! It was wonderful. And the main pension looked lovely too. Very well located, very clean and quiet. The only thing is that you have to walk up a small hill to get to it, but I think that might be true of any location in the Albacin. I do have photos from that trip available on the Travelzine site under links/members links.

By the way...I'm the one who lost her husband in Siena! And those 2- way radios would have come in handy. They would have been great when I was lost in the forest off the trail (accidentally) in Yosemite after climbing Half-Dome, but that's another story....

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