Subject: India
My best friend lives part of the year in Calcutta and has invited me to spend some time there...and I can pretty much choose the time of year... Does anyone have an opinion as to the safety of Americans in Northern India?? Also, what have you found to be the best times of the year to visit...what is the best time for an airline price saver.. Any advice anyone might have would be much appreciated...What should I watch out for, what to be sure to see...We would do a little traveling Im sure...but we will mainly be with her family and that quite frankly will be more than enough for me...just to be allowed to share the daily life of a new country is a wonderful thing.. Food advice would be helpful too...I want to be adventurous but not sick... Yes, my friend Joy will guide me at all times...but I would like to have some idea of what to expect. Thanks in advance Joan in Malden Bridge