Subject: Re: Paris/Normandy

Just wanted to give my advise on Normandy. I travelled there with my son - we came across the channel on British Ferries because he wanted the experience of crossing the channel like WWII. We stayed in Bayeux and took a marvelous small tour with a group - there were only 6 of us and we were really fortunate to have an American veteran with us. This was his first time back and he still had letters, pictures etc. from the war. The experience was so enhanced by his presence. Our guide, a young man, spent so much time with us taking us to the sites, cemetaries, Pont du Hoc, etc. Our veteran was really disappointed to see Omaha beach was not like he remembered, so our guide took us to another spot which brought back different memories. We stopped at one site and ate food from a trailer - the woman cooking the food came out and shook the veterans hand to thank him. It was quite moving.

We really enjoyed staying in Baueux, at a little B& B and had time to really look at things. I would recommend giving it a little more time than a day trip from Paris. It really takes a while to reflect in the American cemetery - and the German as well.

We had great food in Bayeux too.

Let me know if you need the tour group - they were also nice enough (since we had no car) to let us sign up for a one way tour to Mont St. Michel - we went with 4 people and left them at the site - as we were staying there to experience it in an uncrowded manner.

Have a great trip.

Kathy in Pittsburgh