Subject: April in Paris - As Wonderful as it Sounds?
G'day Ziners,

The last time we visited Paris was Easter 1998. It was raining sideways. The upper level of the Eiffel Tower was closed. Sections of Paris were flooding. Plus, it was a very cold rain. We were there a week and had reservations for three. We paid a premium to return home (to Hawaii at the time) two weeks early.

We have spent a couple of Mays and Junes there, without the same problem, so maybe April might just be pushing it a bit weather-wise. Why take the chance?

We do agree with all the fellow Ziners comments that Paris (and all of France for our money) is beautiful to visit. But we prefer warm weather, which is why we are now sojourning in Australia.

Marghe and Marty in Queensland.

P.S.: Marty is still upset about not being able to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.