Subject: Re: Packing Light
Hi Gail In response to packing light and your 6'son, I am 5' but travel identically and it works. I also wear all polartec zippered outer garments, followed by my gortex jacket with the pockets filled with books, pens and a water bottle. So far it has worked.

Also, we bring (for hiking vacations) 1 pair of jeans, one pair of hiking shorts and 2 changes of socks and underwear. We just take turns washing at night! Less, for us, is better. (Heavy clothing is out as layers work better for us)

When going to a city, I used one color (i.e. black, navy or brown) with a white sweater or blouse - 2 pr. slacks, 2 sweaters, scarfs and a sweater jacket!!! That's about it - except for coats, hats, mittens, etc. Happy travels.

Susie Newton, MA