Subject: re: Santa Barbara Hotel
Dear KS Chan,

I was in Santa Barbara last month for a few days during the week. It was just me so I was looking for economical accommodations. I stayed at The Sandman Inn ( for the bargain price of $58/night. The hotel is right on State Street which is a major, busy street. The street noise was very noticeable from the rooms near the office but the rooms at the back were quiet and peaceful. My room had the basics (bed, table and chairs, dresser, tv, bath with shower) plus a small refrigerator and a microwave. It was clean and comfortable for what I needed. They have two heated pools and a hot tub which looked nice enough, but I did not use them. The continental breakfast in the lobby included juice, cereal, pastries, toast, oatmeal and coffee or tea. It met my needs very well.

I was looking for basic accommodations because I planned to spend my time away from the hotel enjoying a community that reminds people of a city on the Mediterranean. I hiked, I biked, I watched the surf, I walked the shopping district along State Street, I ate some excellent Mexican food. In short, I really enjoyed my time in Santa Barbara. I hope that you and your girls do too.

Best regards, Mark Los Angeles