Subject: Re: Funny little things
Hi Tom,

Great idea! Funny little things happen all the time. Our most recent chuckle occurred at hotel check-in in Dresden. As is our custom, we had reserved a twin-bedded room, which we do because in our experience twin-bedded rooms tend to be larger than rooms with double beds. We usually find the twin beds together but if separated by a night table, it's no big deal to push them together. USUALLY!

So here we were celebrating our 40th and there were the twin beds pinned against opposite walls of our room! No way, Jose! This hotel had advertised itself as a Christian hotel and I wondered if there wasn't some connection.....? ;-)

Feeling like a harlot, I phoned down to the desk and said that we had reserved a twin-bedded room not a room with two singles. In response, I got a lecture that if I reserve a twin bedded room, this is what I will get everywhere in Germany (NOT!). Nevertheless, she reluctantly parted with the key to the room next door, perfect for our needs. All's well that ends well. Great hotel, by the way.

Hope others will share their funnies - or post the travelogues they must be busy writing about their recent adventures...

Cheers! Linda