Subject: Funny little things
Okay Tom I'll bite.

Last year in Chile we elected to take one of the nation's last operating passenger trains from Temuco to Santiago. The passenger cars on this train were built in the 1930's in Germany and by all appearances had not been refurbished since that time. We opted for a private sleeper for the overnight trip. Also available was the dormitory sleeper with beds stacked on both sides of a center aisle. Each bed had a privacy curtain to separate it from the aisle.

After getting settled into our compartment I decided to take a quick stroll through the train. As I entered the dormitory car I noticed three young Swiss travelers looking at their night's accomodations with a mixed look of bewilderment and curiousity on their faces. Expecting some type of comment from them alluding to this train belonging to their parent's or even their grandparent's era, I was instead amused when the young man said, It's just like in 'Some Like it Hot!'. Of course, he was referring to the classic Billy Wilder film from the 1950's starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon as members of an all female band touring the U.S.

It still strikes me as ironic that these young Europeans would reference an American film as a point of familiarity regarding train travel.

John looking forward to riding the rails again soon.