Subject: Re: Funny little things
Hello Guinness Drinkers:

Ireland has always been a favorite of mine for the hospitality of its people. There were eight of us returning to Carne after a long morning of sightseeing. We stopped in a small village seeking lunch, but as luck would have it we were short on Irish Punts. I popped into a pub and asked the bartender if he took plastic (credit cards). No, he responded, but what do you need? I told him that we were looking for a place for lunch, but we were low on cash and I asked if he might know of a place that took credit cards. Come in, he said, have your lunch and we will work it out afterward.

We had a fun lunch as he joined us in the banter about America and our English friends. As it came time to pay the bill, he asked, Do you have Pounds, by any chance? (Don't you wish you could duplicate the lilt of the brogue in an email?) Aye, that we do, we said. He turned to a fellow sitting in the bar that we did not espy until that point. Hey, Terry, when will ye be goin' to London?

Tomorrow, Pat.

Have you changed your Punts to Pounds yet?

No, Pat.

Then, have I got a deal for you!

The exchange rate was terrific and everyone was happy. But, he would have accepted a check or a check in the mail.

You have to love it.

Tom Really still smiling in Carlisle.