Subject: Re: Funny little things
Hi Movers and Shakers:

My friends, Punkin and Craig, had left us in Pisa to take the train to Cremona. (We left in a taxi for the airport and if you want a description of that ride, get the translation book Wicked Italian for it describes the ride to a T.) Anyway, they got to the train station and it was packed with potential passengers. Punkin went to the ticket window and asked for two tickets to Cremona. Craig, an avid fan of violins, wanted to see where Amati and Stradavari worked. The ticket seller said there would be no tickets sold that day. Why, Punkin asked. There is a strike today, answered the ticket seller. Seeing that Punkin was dejected the ticket seller said, But, Senora, it will be over at 3 PM. Elated, Punkin asked for tickets on the 4 PM train. Impossible, announced the ticket seller, it will be too late to go back to work.

Four years later, we took them to Cremona.

Tom Still smiling in Carlisle.