Subject: Re: Funny little things
A couple of years ago Maxine & I had an opportunity to spend a week in Italy. It was our first trip to Italy. We flew in and out of Milan, and spent a night in Milan at each end of the trip. The place we reserved was in a good location and promised a private bath or shower.

I was the first one to look at the room when we checked in, and could not, for the life of me, find the toilet area. I found the shower, but not the toilet. I got a second opinion from Maxine, who agreed. Neither of us speak any Italian, but she went to the desk and spoke her first word of Italian. Problemo!

The owner said that there was a toilet, but we disagreed. It was show-me time. He took us back to the room, and walked into the shower. He slid a panel to the left, and behold, a toilet appeared. The panel was used to keep the toilet dry when the shower was in use.

We all had a good laugh. This was the first transformable bathroom we had seen. We were used to a shower being in a bathroom, but not vice versa.