Subject: Re: Funny little things
I sent the following e-mail to Don and Linda last evening. In her response, Linda suggested that I post the message on this thread.

Hi Don and Linda,

I hadn't visited the Travelizine site for a few days, so was looking back over the recent posts. I found the Providence GTG pix, and we just had a wonderful laugh.

My husband's name is Nicholas, so we call him Nick, not Victor.

Obviously, He needs to speak more distinctly when introducing himself. I was going to ask if you could correct it, but on second thought, I think it should stay. It's quite funny.

Best regards, Charlotte Mastroianni

P.S. You should be very proud of the Travelzine - an extraordinary accomplishment.

Linda decided to correct it and said Despite your permission to the contrary, I have returned your husband's identity to him.

Problems with our names seems to be a running theme. In Scotland the police thought Nick was an Italian who didn't speak English, and there's my passport story. I posted it a few months back, but it's one of my favorites and seems so appropriate for this thread.

Before we left on our honeymoon to Italy (many years ago) I had my passport amended; my last name was crossed out and the line was stamped to read See page 11 - on page eleven was my new married name.

No problems at the airports nor as we travelled through the mountain towns of Calabria. At a small hotel in Pisa, the desk clerk, who spoke perfect English, asked for our passports to fill out the registration cards.

We managed just to smile as I was duly registered as Charlotte Seepageii.

Regards from MA Charlotte