Subject: Musical Pilgrimages
Hello Ziners,

Things are kind of quiet today so I thought I'd throw out a question with a bit of whimsy.

It's fairly common for travelers to Vienna to visit sites associated with the great classical composers; e.g. anyplace having to do with Mozart. Likewise for opera buffs in Italy.

But what about more recent musical artists? Sights associated with rock and roll or pop stars of the twentieth century.

Come clean Ziners. Who amongst us has ventured to the King's home at Graceland? How many of you have been to that cemetary in Paris where Jim Morrison or Edith Piaf lie in eternal slumber? Has anyone bothered to walk the working-class neighborhoods of Liverpool where Paul, John, George and Ringo grew up? Perhaps a Ziner has actually bowed their head in a moment of silence on that cornfield outside Mason City, Iowa where the music died on Feb. 3rd, 1959.

I, myself, can only offer a photo of myself next to a statue of Jimi Hendrix on a sidewalk in Seattle, Wash. Alas, I couldn't convince my wife to make the journey to the local cemetary where he is buried.

So, Ziners who among you is willing to take my challenge?

John in San Diego