Subject: Scandinavia
Baerbel, thanks so much for your reply. We plan to be in Scandinavia for 12 nights. We've been there once with a small group and did the circle trip including Stockholm to , Karlstad, Oslo, Hemsedal, Hadeland, Gran, Begna River, Valdres, Fagernes, Lofthus, stave churches, cruised on the Songnefjord and Naeroy Fjord, Voss, Eids to Brimnes, Lofthus, Bergen and cruised to Copenhagen. It was a wonderful trip. I didn't like driving across Sweden, and found it too much like Iowa farmland). The fjords were so beautiful, but this summer we want a different itinerary. But we must cruise on some fjords. That was the best, most beautiful part! If you have suggestions, it would be appreciated. Please elaborate on (not) traveling to the north cape. Is the train the Flam worth it?

I look forward to hearing from you. Rosemary