Subject: Re: Musical Pilgrimages
Hi fellow Ziners; John wondered who has been to Graceland. I will confess that my husband and I made the pilgrimage a couple of years ago. It is a wonderful experience. Everything is well thought out and very orderly. Graceland itself is an interesting home and for anyone who grew up when Elvis was at his peak it is indeed a pilgrimage. Besides the house itself, there is also his airplane, the Lisa Marie, which you can tour, as well as a museum devoted to Elvis and of course, a visit to his gravesite on the property is a must. Memphis is a great place to visit. We have been there twice. The waterfront has been fixed up nicely and anyone who enjoys the blues must go to Beale Street.

We find cemeteries fascinating places to visit. They hold so much history. We have been to Daniel Boone's grave and Mark Twain's grave. When we were in England in 2000 I really wanted to get to D.H. Lawrence's grave but we simply ran out of time and did not get there. That will be for another time. We have also visited the gravesites in Flanders, Belgium. That is a very sobering experience to walk among the graves of all those so very young soldiers who never returned home.

So many places to go, so little time, Pauline