Subject: Re: Funny Little Things
Hello Fellow Humorists and Travelers:

I don't know about you, but after a while all those Tuscan hill towns started to look alike to me. While I haven't done the research my intuition tells me that the same person designed most of them with a few notable exceptions (Siena for one). We were in one of them one day when I spotted a guy wearing a Black Dog baseball cap. For those of you who are not familiar with the Black Dog, it started out as a bakery and became both a bakery and wonderful restaurant on Marthas Vineyard off Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

For years the thing to do was to purchase a Black Dog t-shirt which depicted a Black Labrador Retriever and the year in which you bought it. Those ubiquitous t-shirts started showing up everywhere. Well, I turned to this fellow under the baseball cap and asked if he took the ferry or sailed into the Vineyard. He told me that he had been wearing that cap in Europe for two years and I was the first to know what it meant. (He took the ferry; I sailed in).

Nevertheless, the baseball cap was a conversation piece. That's why I can't wait to happen upon my first Ziner wearing the group logo in some faraway place like Machu Piccu or even New York, Venice, London or Bilbao. When we meet I will buy the wine. I ordered my logo shirts today at So, if you are in the mood for a free drink when we meet, order your logo stuff today.

Now before you think I have spammed us, I want to explain that your purchases at the store will help to preserve what we have here. Yahoo is starting to squeeze everyone and it won't be long before they start charging affinity groups. It is already squeezing us and others for space. We owe an ernomous debt of gratitude to Don and Linda. They pour a lot of time and money into making the Zine what it is. What do we get in return? Simply stated we get wonderful advice from our fellow participants, we get great entertainment and we get a global sense of community. What do we do in return? We go to GTG's, enjoy great company, have some comestibles and potables and lend our stories to the wealth of data we have here.

If you want to keep what we have here, let's give them some support.


Tom in Carlisle bracing for a Nor'easter.