Subject: Poignant Things
Hi All:

We have all seen funny little things, but let me add to the discussion the poignant things we have seen on our travels. We were driving across the Amazon on Brazil's BR319, a road described by the Brazilian government as perilous. With no place to stay in the middle of our trek, we had to stay in the vehicle. We were, however, parked at the camp of a construction crew whose task was to try and rebuild the bridges on this road long abandoned by the Brazilian government. I woke around 3 AM, the driver's seat of a Range Rover is not really meant for sleeping, and through the windshield I spied one of the young construction workers reading a mechanical engineering textbook by the light of a kerosene lamp. It was right out of Abraham Lincoln. I prayed for a camera, but it was inaccessible. Too bad, for this young fellow is going to rule South America some day. I could have cried.

Tom in New England still storing the wood in a dry place.