Subject: Funny Little Things
Hello Fellow Shooters:

We were in Caracas waiting for our vehicles from customs and I had a cold. My friend, Craig, found a pharmacy at which the owner spoke English. I asked her for Sudafed and she told me that she had something better. She gave me these little green pills and the next morning my cold was gone. The story, however, is what she offered while giving me the little green pills. She asked where we were going. We told her and she asked what we were bringing for guns. None, we replied. Then what are your guides bringing for guns, she asked. We have no guides, we said. In both Spanish and English she said, What, are you nuts! Whereupon she offered to get us Uzi's and other internationally known weapons of rapid fire. This was a full service pharmacy. We declined suggesting that we were more of a danger to ourselves with such weaponary. She told us that no matter what happened we were not to stop on the highway for naked women (a trap, she said). She said she would send us an email three weeks hence to see if we survived. Well as luck would have it we saw no naked women (luck?) and we completed our journey without much incident (well, relatively spoken).

Tom, still washing the dust out of his clothing. ;-)