Subject: GTG LA Report
Hello Ziners!

Well, our Los Angeles GTG happened and I for one was delighted to match faces to e-mails and good advice.

Thank you to Mark for the organizational part in making this happen (though the baseball cap wasn't really red). He was instrumental in it becoming a reality.

Another thank you to Lynn for being the only one with a digital camera and posting the pictures taken so fast! Quite impressive as far as I'm concerned since I still haven't posted my Paris travelogue.

We truly had a great group. Daniel kept us laughing and came all the way from Ventura. Don and Barbara and their friend Margrit kept us well informed on many areas of the globe in a wonderfully amusing manner. Don: Could you e-mail me your fado book title? Elena got there even sooner than expected.

Great group and hope to do this again soon.

Lidia and Richard (in Los Angeles)