Subject: Re: Sardinia
Hi Carol,

Sardinia is a well known summer destination in Italy even though it is not so common for foreigners. It is well known for clear sea water and nice beaches. I don't know if it is worth going there during winter.

I visited Sardinia some years ago and I can say that: - Alghero has got a pretty nice city centre. Visit the Nettuno sea cave on the Caccia cape off the city. -Porto Torres is nithing special but Stintino (the peninsula) has got a nice enviroument. - The Island of Asinara is a former prison and, thanks to the security reason because the prison, has been well preserved and it is now a really interesting park (with local flora and fauna sanctuary). - Pretty nice is the Gulf of Oristano (visit the archaeological site of Tharros). - The peninsula of Saint Antioco is interesting as well. -On south of Cagliari, there is the intresting archaeological dig of Nora. - Cagliari is an intresting city (city centre, the museum and the Cathedral). You can see a laguns just close some high buildings where lives the caracteristic pink flamingo (don't know if it is there during winter, sorry). -On the coast off of Nuoro (actually south of Cala Gonone, Dorgagli), don't miss the Bue Marino sea cave. - The North-East Cost is well known as a polish area (Costa Smeralda) but still interesting. - The most special area is the Maddalena archipelago (that is a sea park), there is an island known for its pink sand beach (you can see it only by boat, the beach is close in order to preserve it) .

Along Sardinia you can find also some archaeological digs of pre-historical villages (about X century Befor Christ!). They used build housis in a particular shape (circular short towers) named Nuraghe. The most interesting archaeological site is Barumini, located inland between Oristano and Cagliari. Anyway you can find Nuraghi speader along the whole island (Dorgagli, north of Oristano,...).

Finally, I'd like to say that Sardinia haven't got any wonderful city comparable as other Italian city but it is really special for environment and nature (parks and sanctuary) and caracteristic rural small towns.

Moreover, you'll find food quite different from the one you could be used in the continental Italy, it is more simple because people are used to be manly farmers and shepherds. They have their own kind of bread (pane Carasau), pastas (Malloreddus and Culargiones), baby pork roasted, cheeses and so on. Anyway you'll find the food still good (I like Sardinian food!) and good local wine.

Don't miss their local spirits (Filuferru, like Grappa, and Mirto, a red sweet spirit made by myrtle). I like Mirto!

Sardinia is quite a wild region compared to the rest of Italy.

Enjoy Sardinia, Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy.