Subject: Anyone been to Lecce?
Hello everyone.

We are just starting our plans for our May trip to Italy (#8). This year we are going to spend time in the South (though we will work out plans to meet with Marco, Simone, and our other friends if they can make it). One possibility is simply to start in Naples and go to some places in the area we have not seen, such as Herculaneum. However, my reading of Italy makes Lecce seem like an interesting place to spend perhaps two nights in as a starter. It would seem preferable to fly there upon landing in, perhaps, Rome, and then make our way North and West than to make it a day trip since it is a three hour train ride in each direction.

Who has been to Lecce, and what was your experience, i.e., considering its relative distance from any other place of possible general interest, was it worth it?

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, TX