Subject: Anyone been to Lecce?
Hi Ira,

Nice hear you are planning your next trip in Italy.

I agree to Fred: Puglia region is not enough promoted!

Even though I never been in Lecce, I hear that it is worth a visit. Well, actually, I scheduled a trip to Lecce some years ago but, eventually, there was so many interesting things to see on the way that I didn't left time to visit Lecce and I had to skip it :-((

As Fred suggested, don't miss Alberobello with its characteristic Truils. You'll enjoy Alberobello!

An other interesting place is the Castellana cave even though the visit could be difficult for your wife ;-(

Bari could be worth a day.

Ira, if you can, try to visit the World Heritage Matera old area. There are rocky houses (some still in use) and Hypogean and rocky Byzantine churches (about XI century). It is really an estrance and impressive place to visit. Usually there are some universitary students that will be happy to show you around for a more then reasonable fee.

There are also lots of small interestin town around Puglia but difficult to reach without a car.

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy