Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Hello Anxious Flyers,

My particular pet peeve while traveling is when the boarding process begins for an airline flight. The boarding agent always describes the order in which passengers will board: First Class, Business Class, Super Frequent Flyers, those who need assistance, and then the remainder of the aircraft broken down into ten-row sections. Inevitably, despite these instructions it seems as if 90% of the passengers crowd the gate making it difficult for those holding seats in the current boarding group to make it through the crush.

Why? Is it more comfortable to push and jostle against one another instead of remaining in your seat until your row number is called? Have airlines recently begun to leave ticketed and checked-in passengers at the gate instead of filling the plane?

I just don't get it.

Another recent peeve happened on the last trip we took. On the 3 hour flight to Mexico City the flight attendants began the in-flight movie an hour before arriving in Mexico City. When was the last time Hollywood released an hour long movie? DOH!

John now forced to rent Signs to find out how the damn thing ended.