Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Good morning Ziners! Another great thread ..

Now for the short list ..

1. People who feel inclined to laboriously hoist themselves out of the seat behind you using your headrest and grabbing a handful of hair in the process -- just when you have finally found a position that might allow for a little shut-eye. Usually every half hour. I've been known to pray for turbulence.

2. Last minute gate changes, often to the outer limits of the departure zone, and always announced by the employee who has just had extensive dental work. Often just as you have a badly needed coffee in hand.

3. Passengers who stretch out for a snooze occupying 6 seats or more in a crowded boarding lounge. As they twist and turn to get comfy, you sincerely hope they roll off and embarass themselves thoroughly. No chance, these boors don't embarass easily.

4. Having no small coinage and being forced to fork over a substantial amount to secure that postage stamp size admission ticket of TP to a less than sanitary loo, only to discover that there was a whole roll inside -- and another lady with a prominent saucer, dispensing towels (from the wall dispenser!) Almost forgot the slightly brown bar of soap floating in another saucer.

5. Chambermaids with a wicked sense of humour that place that extra roll of TP so it's just out of arm's reach when seated.

6. Fabric shower curtains that become ever so up-close and personal as soon as you have shampoo in your hair and both hands busy. By the time you peel the dang thing off, the floor is flooded, your towels are sopping and even your nose hairs have been shampooed.

7. Hotel room fiends that leave clock radios set to 2 a.m. when they check out. This is definitely a conspiracy that should be looked into.

8. And the winner -- the hotel room with a flashing red light on the smoke detector. Bright one. Right over the bed. Too bad we left the duct tape at home.

Anne, in gloomy, wet, Novemberish, Burlington ON