Subject: Re: pet Peeves
Oh! I do so agree with the posters on this subject re overhead bins in aircraft! We just flew home to Glasgow, Scotland sunday night with Continental from Boston via Newark and I sat and watched a couple stowing two very large pull-along carry-onsin an overhead locker expecting them to sit in the seat under them but Oh! no! they walk about 5 rows back to their seats! When the couple came to claim their seats under the now almost full bin they had to find room elsewhere-------how can people be so selfish!

I do think that US carriers should be a bit more strict with the size of carry-on luggage------try getting on to the Glasgow /London shuttle with some of the things that they allow in the USA and you will get short shrift from the gate staff with BA and BMI

Hotels------------when you have to ring down for a complete set of towels for the bathroom-----------do they really expect a couple to have to share one set of towels? This is really sloppy management! Bath plugs ( I prefer a good soak in a bath to a shower!) that let out water constantly and you have to keep the tap (faucet!!) running in order to keep the water up to the correct depth!


Elma Glasgow, Scotland, UK