Subject: Pet Travel Peeves
1. Cramped airline seats!!

2. The people in front of you who put their seats back as far as they can while you're dealing with your food/drink tray. I once flew almost all the way from Canada to France soaking wet because some idiot abruptly put his seat back causing my drink to fly into my lap (and not a word of apology)

3. Changing your seating when you get to the gate. Last spring, I contacted British Airways before we flew to Italy and arranged for aisle seats across from one another due to the fact I have osteoarthritis and must get up and walk around frequently. When we got our boarding pass, that's exactly what we had. When we went to board the plane, they told us there had been a change. Upon asking what the change was, we were told that we would have better seats. Lo and behold, my husband had an aisle and I was squeezed in the middle to make way for a woman travelling with her 2 small kids. Had I not had an e-mail confirmation on my person and had my husband not made such an issue of it, I'm sure they would not have moved us because initially they refused saying the plane was full. After about 15 minutes of wrangling, they fixed us up by moving some other folks.

Now all that's off my chest, I feel better!!