Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Hey Jude... (hhhmmmm - that would make a great song!)

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the inconsistency for luggage criteria. We traveled to Europe with one large checked bag and two roll-aboards that were legal. We traveled around for a month and returned to the point of entry to depart for the States. Same dang luggage....same configuration.... and whadaya think happened? The check in person told us the suit case was too heavy!!!! The guy insisted we divide the contents with another suitcase we had to PURCHASE at one of those airport shops for 300% mark-up, you know the kind I mean - it would be $19.99 at any super K-Mart, but in the airport shop it's $89.99. (I'm convinced the guy owned the shop). We were made to stand aside while others stepped over us in the middle of the floor as we unpacked in front of the entire plane load of people (talk about airing dirty laundry in public!!!)! Many people passed us with suitcases that looked like a cloth version of a tank truck without challenge. Of course, THEY went to other counter agents.... The suitcase we purchased barely survived the trip and ripped apart as James lifted it out of the car to carry it in the house upon our return. The upside of that is I only had one suitcase to unpack - the other one did it automatically in the driveway. GOOD GRIEF! What an enigma. We were told the very same thing - it's up to the ticket agent that checks you in..... huh? Next time I think we'll thank them very much and get back in line and wait for another agent.... think that would work?

Sara in beautiful Tucson!