Subject: Re: Tuscan villa
dear felice,

hello from betty, denise and barry.....hi simon !!

you probably don't remember, but the three of us stayed 3 km from siena on a white road (gravel). it literally took us less than 10 minutes to get to car park and escalator located below piazza san francisco. the cost of our villa..... $ 600.00 !! we shared the villa with the owners', a middle aged couple who lived above us on the second floor. our entire first floor included one (1) master bedroom, a second bedroom, one (1) bathroom with water closet, lavatory and shower, large kitchen, dining room and massive living room. the kitchen, dining and living room were pretty much one very large area. i don't know if this villa would work for you with three (3) couples; the couch in the living room does pull out. we do have the name of the english-speaking daughter, an e-mail address and telephone number......the villa is located within olive groves, vineyards and is secured by a motor-operated gate.