Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Hey Ziners! *Excellent* thread idea!

My pet peeves are common to others it would seem - carry-on luggage, people kicking my seat from behind, grabbing handfuls of my hair to help hoist themselves up...

I mean to say, how is it that bamboo flare poles can be considered carried on? No matter how I imagine it, they will NOT fit in that teensy metal square!

And those little wheeled suitcases - it's fine for the flight attendants to use them. But when passengers do and try and put them in the overhead luggage hold.... give me strength! Literally. Those cases mostly only just fit the size criteria in the first place. And as I'm shorter than average, when they say Please be careful opening overhead luggage bins as contents may have moved during the flight they're talking to me - I can't see what's in there unless I stand on the seat and those things *really* hurt if they hit you in the head :(

I'm with Tom in Carlisle - lucky that I'm unarmed!

And sympathising with Tracie in Seattle - I plan to avoid any airline that advertises how little luggage it is losing!

:) Megan Just peachy in Brisbane, Australia