Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Tell you what, Al, I don't know how in thunderashun the seats could be any closer on an airplane. I don't how anyone can even get their seat back in the first place - the seat back in front of me is already hitting me in the nose! (I just revealed that we travel coach - I didn't know they meant you needed an anger management coach to make it through the flight!). I don't have to worry about the height of MY armrests - why SHOOT - I can use the one's in the chair in front of me!!!!! I can also eat the food off their tray!!! And if they in fact lean back, the snoring keeps my face cool and drowns out the screaming kid(s) sitting in my immediate proximity. I know it's a conspiracy to keep one's baby awake for 48 hours preceding the flight so it can fuss and scream during the entire trip because it's already exhausted!!!! I mean, it's already jam packed with people and tempers are already running high so there's no waiting to work up to a primal scream when tha kid starts!

We've also experienced assigned seat problems. Thing is, I have severe asthma. If I don't get to nebulize, I'm in trouble. I also have to wear a mask to lower the chances of a bacterial lung infection as well as my own little air purifier that hangs around my neck. We usually manage to sit where we need to as when we are met with resistance, I inform that person that as long as they are willing to take responsibility for any health problem I experience during the flight as a result of their uncooperative attitude, I have no problem with their reassignment. The biggest problem I encounter is the wheel chair request. I don't need assistance getting on the plane or getting to the doorway to get off, but I DO need the chair to go from gate A to the connecting gate Z for our next flight. I know others experience this. On one of the occasions we arrived at Gatwick in England, the gentleman waiting to assist me was so kind. He actually pushed the chair all the way to the Gatwick Express train and helped me onboard and when my husband attempted to tip him, the fellow totally refused and said that was his job and he was already being paid for it. We almost fainted! How kind! It's bad enough to have the problems without being charged for the help by every single person that even puts a hand out to steady you! I must say that is one of my biggest pet peeves!

The seats are also about as narrow as any person can manage - unless you're vacation Barbie, in which case, you can fit quite nicely into the seat with Ken! And getting up to go the bathroom is hilarious. You better be speaking to the person next to you because you're going to be VERY familiar with him/her after trying to negotiate exiting from your row.

Now - I'm not even going to mention those yahoos that INSIST on standing in the aisle during the movie. I was so thrilled on our last two flights abroad to have our own personal screens with program choices. It was wonderful! The only problem was those little airline ear plug thingies made my ears hurt by the time the flight was over. Maybe I just don't position them correctly, but OUCH! I've seen other noise reducing headphones advertised by places like SHARPER IMAGE, but they cost more than a plane ticket! YIKES!

Next time I fly, I think I'll sit with Al - by the time we arrive at our destination, we should be in FINE form. ;-) When it's time to get up for his numb bottom and my bathroom affliction, we can dance around the aisle and not be so grumpy.

I'm really not as hard to get along with as I sound..... I think it's that people are not courteous any longer. I'm glad that things have progressed, but I must say that I miss the days of NO overhead - and people dressed nicely wherever they went. I think this really prompted a different kind of behavior....