Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Hi Al,

You remarked about seats not being suitable for anyone over 5'8.
>From another point of about adjustable headrests for those of us who are 'vertically challenged?' I'm actually not that short - 5'3 - but the headrest usually hits me right in the middle of my head, which means that I end up curved over looking down! I have to either

1. sit on a pillow and stretch up so that it hits me under my head (which I presume is the idea but I'm not even sure about that! LOL)


2. scooch way down in my seat so that I'm under the headrest


3. lean one way or the other so I am outside of the headrest.

I have been on some airlines where you can adjust it, but it usually adjusts up, not down.

Enjoying this thread! Isn't it fun to complain in a supportive environment?

Natalie in Los Angeles