Subject: Re: Hotels in Europe
Hi Debbie: As background, my wife and I are seasoned travelers; we have lived several places overseas. The couple we are traveling with have little international experience (she has none) and are more limited in budget than we are. They are adventurous. I'm 62 and Bill is 62. Our wives are similar, but younger (of course#lol). Overall location, cleanliness and reasonably safety are requirements. Budget is about 100-150/day.

London#found a place that looks ok#The Regent. It has four stars and is about $120 a night, which seems very inexpensive for London. Open to suggestions.

Paris#A charming 3 star in a good location would be great. My wife and I stayed in one about 3 years ago right across from a Metro station and the Seine with a view of Notre Dame. Room was tres small; it was en suite#probably a mandatory. From what I can tell 3 star rooms are running about 100-140 a night.

Rome#Haven't been there for years. No current knowledge.

Just saw a post on a Tuscany villa so will follow up on that.

Thanks for the help,