Subject: Re: Upcoming Washington D.C. trip
Hi John:

If you haven't been since the FDR memorial was completed, bundle up and go check it out (if you're interested in that era of American history/politics). It's very well done--rent the audio guide. Here's a link to the NPS site:

If you haven't been since the Sept. 11 tragedy, you will note the extreme security measures in place. For quickest in/out of public buildings and museums, keep your ID handy and travel w/ a minimum of concealing bags. Note that almost all coat checks have been eliminated. It is a changed capital city--it is particularly sad to see the White House so cut off from the citizenry now, hiding behind huge, ugly concrete blockades.

Did you want to go up in the new Washington Monument elevator? Nice at must get advance tix, but you can pre-reserve by phone or on the 'net.

Another pre-reservation that will save you time, but is not required, is a timed entry ticket to the Holocaust Museum.

The Kennedy Center's outdoor Millennium stage (facing the river) continues to feature free performances daily at 6 p.m.

Speaking of music, I think the Phillips features concerts on Sunday afternoons....

Did you print out the subway map?

And if you're a sports fan and have never seen one, go to the ESPN Zone some night. (Okay, I know this is very un-DC'ish, but when we were last there in March, it was our son's 9th birthday, and we had to do something totally fun for him--not another museum or monument for that one night!)

Have a great trip.

Diana Ball near Houston, TX