Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Has someone already mentioned the traveler, seated behind you in a crowded airplane (econoclass of course) who crosses his/her legs and then proceeds to drum the raised foot into YOUR seat back. Thump, thump, thump ... thump, thump, thump ... it's 102 thumps and it's driving me crazy! OK - I'll get their attention! I throw myself back into the seat which gives the seat a bit of a shake ... enough to send some kind of sensation to their foot .... they notice. They switch legs and it begins again with the other foot. ... How many thumps to Paris? Arggggg!

Oh yes, and what about the lovely folks who decide to bath themselves in their duty free fragrance purchases! Do they care that some folks like me have allergies ... or that some of us may not care for eau de duty free. Where's my chlor tripolon and where do I vote for fragrance-free flying? (p.s. Great advice I picked up somewhere and distribute whenever I can is that fragrance should be discovered NOT announced!)

I love this thread .. it makes me realize that I'm not grumpy, I'm just a Ziner!

Lesley Toronto, Canada