Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Steve wrote:
> I think the best part of this thread is that the
> holiday travel season has
> barely started, and there's already enough material
> to write a book...

Travel during the holidays? Are you crazy!!!????

Speaking of peeves, I am astounded that there are so many people who still have not heard that you cannot bring scissors, knives, etc. in your carryon luggage. Even more astounded that they always seem to be the 10 people in front of me at baggage screening.

And, the question no one can answer for me: It's my understanding that the new regulations require checked bags to be matched to passengers - if you're not on the plane then your bags cannot go in the hold. If this is true, then how can there ever be lost luggage? I didn't go to Iowa, how did my bags get there?

Michele Oakland