Subject: Re: Upcoming Washington D.C. trip

I just saw the Trompe L'Oeil exhibit at the National and it is wonderful - definitely worth a peek! And I always like to visit their Vermeers. Don't know when you were last in DC, but the National Gallery now has a sculpture garden in front of the National Archives. When I was there this past Sunday it was raining so I just ran thru, but I definitely want to return and check it out in better weather. And there's an ice skating rink in the middle of it. :-)

If you haven't been to the National Cathedral it is also worth a visit. Wonderful stained glass and mosaics, and the view from the tower is fantastic - better than from the Washington Monument, so I was told, tho I haven't been up in the monument so can't compare. If you arrive at the cathedral around 10am on a sunny day you will get a real treat with the sun coming thru the stained glass windows.

I believe that the Metro now has a $5 day pass - well worth it if you're covering a lot of ground in one day.

I love DC and am so glad to be living closer to it once again. It's such a great city, even with the new security measures. I know there are at least a few other Ziners in the area ... would you be up for a GTG during your visit?

Cindy in Harrisonburg, VA