Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
Ziners ...

How I do love this thread!! I would have chimed in earlier but so many of you have already covered a most of my pet travel peeves ... all involving airlines and flights. I do, however, have one or two more that I want to share with you as Ivan and are getting ready to make two international trips before the end of the year.

We tend to get to our local airports which are an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes from our home (LGA, EWR or JFK) the two hours as requested prior to flight departure (two and a half for international flights). Can someone explain to me the reasoning for this request for 6:00am or 6:30am flight departure when the ticket counter does not open until 5am?

Another peeve are the European hotels that have a hard and fast check-in rule of no earlier than two or three in the afternoon. These are not American chain hotels but hotels based in Europe ... B&B's, pensions, and smaller hotels and are NOT full when we arrive. Do they not realize that most of the flights from the US arrive between and six and eight in the morning? No, we don't want to go to bed at that hour, but we would like to freshen up a bit and not feel like homeless folks for a goodly portion of the day. Some but not all of the hotels have been willing to work with us on this. All will keep our luggage until check-in time.

Speaking of not being able to reserve airline seats ... we have four flights within Europe on Lufthansa and SAS over the Christmas holidays ... and have been told that seats will NOT be reserved but will be given out at the airports. If they can reserve the international portions of our flights on the same airlines, why will the not reserve the European portions?

Flights booked with cruise lines in conjunction with a cruise are another problem. We rarely if ever do this (less expensive to make our own air reservations or use frequent flier miles) but have had relatives and friends who have. The ship leaves at 5pm with boarding at 3pm yet the flight the cruise line has booked arrives in the cruise departure city at 9am and transportation to the pier doesn't start until noon!

My last peeve is the security procedures. I have been through the initial security check-in ... have been pulled aside and been individually scanned, taken off my shoes to be individually scanned (Rockports have metal in the soles I found out from the airport security folks), and had my purse thoroughly searched. I now get to the gate to board and once again am randomly selected to go through the individual search once again. How about putting a sticker or some such on me that shows I have done this once and there really is NO need to do it one more time?!

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

Cynthia & Ivan who will spend Thanksgiving in Iceland regardless of pet travel peeves! Pomona, NY