Subject: Re: Pet Travel Peeves
You know what, Mary, this reminds me of a time we flew from the States to Tahiti. Upon arrival, it was raining in Papette and NO ONE wanted to exit the plane and get wet. We were on the opposite side from the exit door and because EVERY SINGLE PASSENGER was standing and blocking the aisles, we could not exit either. It was hot on the plane and we didn't care about getting wet - it was the TROPICS fercryinoutloud!!!! We were forced to sit in our seats on that plane for an HOUR! If everyone would have simply retaken their seats, those few of us that wanted off could have done that. I must say - that was VERY irritating. We tried to get out by saying, excuse me, but no one would accommodate. They didn't want to lose their place in line to exit. Fascinating..... by the time we got off, my HEAD was going ding ding ding!!!!!!

Hey, this thread IS fun!!! Has anyone sat by a genuine star in any of their travels?

Sara Tucson, Arizona